Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mason Jars- Some things never get old

2013 marks the 100th year anniversary of the Ball brothers iconic mason jar. To celebrate, a limited edition, vintage inspired blue jar has been released. Unfortunately, these are only temporary so don't miss out! This mason jar can be a collectible or used in numerous fun, cute, and creative ways! Whether you are hosting a lunch, BBQ, or simply decorating a room, these jars can add a vintage feel while spicing up average designs. With summer right around the corner, these can be a practical and easy DIY project for any event. Here are some creative ways to make use of the mason jar! (The blue jar will probably make these THAT much cuter too, but if you don't want to ruin that limited edition jar, reuse your old ones!) P.S. You can purchase these blue mason jars at Ace Hardware - a 6-pack of the 1-Pint jars are only $11!
As a desert jar! Perfect for dessert buffets using parfaits, sundaes, cupcakes, s'mores...
And is an easy party favor to-go (what guest wouldn't want a take home tiramisu?) 
Used to serve lemonade, cocktails, or soda. Punch a whole in the lid and put in a cute colored stripe straw for the kiddies table - or for a specialty cocktail.  Perfect for that summer BBQ!
A new way of presenting your summer garden. 
This allows you to have that indoor herb garden while being decorative as well!
Tired of the mess surrounding your sink? 
Use the jar to hold bathroom necessities from cotton balls to toothbrushes.
Also a unique but cute way to store pastas or spices! 
However it can be useful for storing anything, like supplies on your desk.
A new and less expensive way to present flowers! We only needed three stems of these beautiful white hydrangeas to make this simple and elegant arrangement.
Great for indoor and outdoor party decor (can work for any event).
Kristen Beinke Photography
Using the jar as light or by placing a candle inside can provide a private, low-key feel to a diner party or as a permanent fixture over your dining table.
You could also slip in a votive candle for extra detail at your guest tables!

Possibly my favorite idea is using the jars to show memories. 
Like past vacations, pictures, or meaningful objects. I collected sand from every beach that we visited in Kauai on our honeymoon and have debated using this concept as continued beach decor in our bathroom.
This would be a cute idea for weddings, engagement parties, or even birthdays.
Just place pictures of where they met, past trips, or things they plan on doing. Great little keepsake ideas!

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