Thursday, May 16, 2013

BBQ To Bi-Coastal Engagement - Who Knew?!

You never know what a simple invite acceptance could bring into your life. 
Think your friends casual Sunday BBQ could be the place you meet your future husband/wife?
For Wesley and Ryan, this was just the case. 
Regardless of their opposite political views, the two instantly connected (literally, they started dating the next day) after being introduced by friends at a BBQ. 
It wasn't until Ryan had to move, due to his professional baseball career with the Mets,
that their relationship was tested and they realized how serious they were.
After 2 seasons he retired and returned to Ventura. Since then, their relationship has only flourished.
(Maybe distance really does make the heart grow fonder.....)
Their engagement session took place at the historic and beautiful El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park, in downtown Santa Barbara. 
Check out their gorgeous photos taken by photographers Michael + Anna Costa.
But stay tuned! Their late summer wedding will be at the timeless "Twin Peaks Ranch" in Ojai CA. 
Located in the stunning Ojai Valley and next to the Topa Topa Mountains,
it is both an avocado and citrus ranch. 

Photos By Michael + Anna Costa Photography

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