Friday, February 15, 2013

Santa Barbara Salt Cave Bridal Party Pamper Event!

I originally heard about a place called Salt in Santa Barbara that was hosting a weekly 'parents night out' daycare service that allowed parents to drop off their children to play for a few hours in a salt cave.  I saw this photo of children pushing sand toys in what appeared to be salt?  Intrigued, I decided to go down and check the space out!

I walked through a doorway downtown Santa Barbara, right off State Street.  It took me straight down into an underground basement of a building that was glowing with warm pink amber light.  The main room had blocks of Pink Himalayan Salt everywhere.  Huge slabs of it for cooking, large glowing salt lamps, cooking salts in spice jars, candles, etc.  It is a really cute little shop with reasonably priced items both for health as well as beauty.

On to exploring the Salt Caves!  
I took my shoes off and walked over small rocks of salt into this large cave of over 45 tons of pure Himalayan Salt that has had over 250 million years to mature under tectonic pressure, isolated from exposure to impurities, and making it the most pristine and unpolluted salt on earth.  For centuries, Eastern Europeans have traveled to curative underground salt mines to relieve a variety of health issues. Now we have the ability to experience this right here in Santa Barbara.  Brides, this would be such a fun and unique venue for a day of pampering for you and your bridesmaids!  Not only are there salt caves to relax in that allow you to breathe in these healing and calming properties, but they also have treatment rooms for Salt Scrubs, Massages, and even vibration treatments!

I was treated to one of their Nexneuro Vibration Treatments in one of their warm, pink salt lamp illuminating treatment rooms.  Placed on a soft warm bed, I was given a headset of soothing music as I was showered with synchronized sound waves and kinetic vibrations over my entire body.  It was an insane experience that I highly recommend.  Talk about an instant state of relaxation!  It is perfect as a pre-treatment before a deep tissue massage.

Another favorite local treatment is their Salt-Sational: Himalayan Salt Scrub and Massage. 

They also offer yoga classes and healing sound ceremonies.  What a wild concept!

Want help planning a fun bridesmaids pamper party at Salt? Contact us today!

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