Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding venue scouting? Check out this unique gem...

I was visiting an old favorite venue of mine in Montecito over the weekend and took a million photos.  Every time that I visit this Estate, I fall deeper in love with it as well as its history.  Talk about roots!  Weddings here are magical and I can't wait until I have another one there soon.  Enjoy the pictures!

The ruins from the original house still stand.  They are covered with vines and overgrown plants, making it truly unique and an adventure.

Pre-ceremony, ceremony, or cocktail hour location.  this space is on top of the old basement, now cave/grotto.

One of many paths that lead you on an amazing journey through time throughout the property.

There are two stairways that lead down to this underground cave.  Your guests can walk through them on their way to other areas on the property.  We replace the dead palms and fill this area with candles and make it an incredibly fun and surprising element for your guests.

Outside of Cave.

Long corridor that leads you to the other event areas.  Your guests can have creative custom maps for a wedding adventure before the dinner reception.  Can you imagine your wedding photos walking down this?  Incredible!

there are three or more koi ponds embedded with Japanese gardens and water features.

One of the newer garden additions.

After each wedding, their gardener, who has been there for decades, creates a custom water feature in memory of the couple that got married there.

One of the largest Yucca trees known.

The wedding lawn.
This literally is like a natural cathedral in the middle of this lush green estate.  drip chandeliers from the old oak trees and bring this space to life at night!

This is a gigantic tree with large, low, long branches that you could stage  a bridal party photo here.  Imagine everyone in a row on a low branch - pretty cool.

Old horse stables.  This space is stunning at night with the pink walls  lit up and string lights strung across.  This could be a ceremony or reception area.  Up to 200 can squeeze in.

Upper apartment at Stables.  If available, the bride can get dressed up there and walk down that staircase and up the aisle for a dramatic and breathtaking entrance.

Lower lawn that could be a ceremony or cocktail area.  Beautiful!

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