Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Paper Crystal Inspiration

I always try to weave in small details that represent the interests of my bride and grooms in their wedding decor.  No matter how silly the thought at first, it can make it fun and a truly unique experience for the wedding guests.  I get my inspiration from the world around me and think of ways I could pull it in somewhere.  I sometimes have entire weddings planned out in my mind that are just waiting for the right couple to bring it alive.  

When I was in Las Vegas, I was told that I just had to go see the Chandelier Room at the Cosmopolitan.  Here are a few photos that I hope inspire you to think outside of the box and have some fun with the details of your big day.

This seems to be laser cut paper strung together to make hanging garlands.  It looks kind of like seaweed, a wild element you could incorporate for an undersea theme.

I literally laid in the middle of the lobby on the floor to get this shot.  It seems as though it is an ivory chiffon material with crystal detail on the edges.  Lamp shades come to mind immediately, or pretty skirts.  Maybe the lamps in your lounge area could mimic mini versions of these.  Take away what you will...It sure is fun to play!

And here is the gigantic chandelier that shoots up three stories in the center of the hotel and can hold up to 500 people in its nest of over 2 million beaded crystals!  Pretty wild my friends.  I wonder what it would be like living inside a huge chandelier?  

Under mixologist Meriena Mercer's direction, The Chandelier houses three unique bar experiences: a high-energy hot spot, sophisticated high-tech cocktail haven and inviting lounge with a feminine touch.

The first floor of The Chandelier features a DJ and is devoted to intricate specialty drinks like Thai Down -- tequila with Thai basil, strawberries, ginger and a Thai chili syrup -- and Madame Curry, a mango margarita with Chinese five spice and curry flavors.

The second floor is a cradle for creativity featuring cocktails designed with molecular garnishes served tableside from a modern bar cart. A separate cocktail kitchen designated for molecular exploration is stocked with gadgets galore, including a sous-vide vacuum, a Pacojet to make spirited sorbets, a spherification center and a complete index of chemicals used in molecular gastronomy.

One resulting cocktail is the Fire Breathing Dragon, a raspberry, lemongrass, Thai chili libation garnished with a dehydrated raspberry that is treated with liquid nitrogen. Once the raspberry enters the mouth, smoke releases from the berry, hence the fire breathing.

The third floor, a flirty lounge inspired by the neighboring shops, exudes femininity and offers creatively infused cocktails. Floral elements, including house-made rose and lavender syrups and violet sugar, are used to make a mix of modern and classic drinks.

Cocktails include Bed Thyme, made from chamomile and lavenders syrups with thyme cognac and pear liqueur, and Violet Femme, a gin and elderflower cocktail rimmed in violet sugar with edible violets.

Next time you are in Vegas, I highly recommend that you check it out!

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