Sunday, March 25, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration

We are finally decorating our Master Bedroom.  We have been in our new house for over a year and our bedroom is still a grey cement box!  I'd love to bring in a sophisticated, inviting, warm, and sexy vibe into the space.  Here are a few photos of what direction I am veering towards.  
This headboard is called the Juliet Headboard and is from one of my all time favorite stores, the Z Gallery!  This is the Bella Grey Micro Velvet with brushed nickel nail heads.  
Made in the USA thank you very much!  I haven't decided if I want to stay in the neutral whites for the linen...  I may pull in some lavender or plum sheets to add some extra warmth.
This is the Ikat pillow in paprika.  This silk pillow case was designed to resemble the authentic hand died technique.  I think that it speaks luscious and sexy with its warm inviting tones.

I have been eyeing this Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier from Pottery Barn for months!  Hundreds of glass droplets form a shimmering cascade on this chandelier. Crystals in alternating teardrop and raindrop shapes, with a faceted globe at the bottom, are so densely strung they completely cover the metal framework.  It suspends from an antique-bronze filigreed crown and matching 12' chain.  
I originally thought about putting it above our crayon and mush covered white dining table, but now I think that I will drop it over one of our nightstands in lieu of a table lamp.  Now...which lamp should I mirror the glass detail with on the other nigh stand....Hmmm.

For the dressers and nightstands,  I can't decide whether I should go black or mirrored?  Maybe both!  Nate Berkus always says that adding black elements can add sophistication and drama to any space, but our bedroom isn't very large, and I think the mirrors would make it seem larger.
This is the Jepara Nightstand and Dresser in Black satin with brushed nickel hardware also from Z gallery.  Starting to see a trend?

This table is the Park Mirrored Bedside Table from Pottery Barn.

I have seen a lot of these sun inspired mirrors in decor magazines lately.  We can always use a little extra sunshine.  Check out these beauties from Ballard Designs...

So as you can see, we are having a lot of fun creating our new love nest.  Stay tuned for our photos!

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