Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Color of Lemon

I am loving this warm weather that we have been having. I was getting a bit barn sour indoors watching countless episodes of house renovations and yard crashing on the do it your self networks. So, now that it is so inviting outside, I am eager to get started on getting our desolate yard filled with foliages and flowers.

While researching what colorful and fragrant plants to put around our new home, I came across the color yellow. It is such a warm stimulating color that makes me think of that sweet crisp lemonade that we used to make for our adorable lemonade stands as kids. Being an event planner I began to play around with ideas on how to incorporate the wonderful color of yellow. Here are a few photos that I hope inspire you to be playful and creative with your upcoming outdoor events!

I am an outdoor person from the country, so anytime that I can incorporate burlap and hay bales, I am in!

I think that using the lemons as place cards is just too cute and I love the idea of using a bandana as a napkin. Check out how they used the clothespin to hold the silverware together!

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