Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Twist On Wedding Photo Booths

We have all seen the different directions there have been with photo booths at weddings; Enclosed Booth, Open Booth, Fabric Backdrop, Props..You name it, it has almost all been done.  Until now that is!  

I recently came across a couple that have created a photo booth out of an old Vintage Blue Steal Airstream Trailer!  Not only does this booth have an adorable inside with plenty of space for larger group photos, but it also has the capability to record video clips from your guests to keep and cherish forever.

The Airstream itself is a 1968 26-foot Overlander Land Yatch which was saved by a man in Arroyo Grande, California. He cleaned it up, including buffing out the outside, and made into a studio/extra room for his son.  For Airstream aficionados its not a perfect example of restoration as it lacks many of the original built-ins, but it is extra cool for it’s uses. 

 They converted the front half into a BlueSteel themed photobooth. The interior features a red photobooth curtain, a white background for great photos and a modern interior brings an instant “wow” factor to any event. The back is a working and living area with a table, closet, and bed.

 The BlueSteel Airstream Photobooth was a daydream turned adventure of Shari and Alan Fraser, partners in Sonrisa Photography and Sonrisa Weddings, a Central Coast Wedding and Portrait Photography studio. They came up with the idea as they thought about how to be able to travel a bit while they did what they love to do, take pictures.
Thank you Shari and Allen!  
Can't wait to have you at one of our Bijoux Events Weddings soon!

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