Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why didn't I think of that?

"Ok everybody, on the count of three.  One...Two...Thr... what? Nooo!  My battery just died!"

How many times have you been at a wedding, or special event when you realized that your phone was about to die, or your camera battery starts flashing red right at that moment when everyone has choreographed that perfect pose, smile, and is begging you to hurry up and take the photo already!  What is a person to do?  Well check out the new ‘Juice Bar’!

The "juice bar" from Pink Powered by Moss, is a standalone table with charging units stored in its base, enabling guests a convenient place to recharge their portable electronics. The unit can be accompanied with or without an 8-foot-tall sign that is ideal for branding opportunities as well as optional lights that can be installed into the fabric.

For further information on how you can rent this, please check out Pink Powered By Moss!

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